The Phil's Story

Started by husband and wife, Phil & Kathy Perrin, Phil's began as a small fish & chips shop on Purcell's Cove road. Expanding to their current location on Quinpool Road in 2003. Phil and Kathy are dedicated to providing a relaxed family dinning experience that doesn't break the bank. They believe fish & chips should be made with fresh fish, less batter, and should sometimes come with a salad instead of chips.

Phil and Kathy Perrin


The story of Phil's Seafood began with the creation of Phil's famous fish and chips dish at the Armdale Yacht Club. While running K&P Catering and the food and beverage services at the Armdale Yacht Club, Phil stumbled upon the creation of his signature dish, breaded fish and chips. Phil decided to branch out and create a home to serve his new creation. He took ownership of local historic shop The Melville Cove Snack bar and began running the convenience store out of the front and cooking and selling his soon to be famous 'Nova Scotia style' fish & chips out of the back.

In June 2003, Phil & Kathy decided it was time to expand their little fish and chips shop to a full sit down restaurant, dubbed Phil's Seafood, and located on Quinpool Road. Unfortunately the original location of Phil's Fish & Chips at the Melville Cove Snack Bar was forced to close due to a soil contamination on the Purcell's Cove property.